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Leli Goldstein

I am a Graduate of the textile design faculty at Shankar college. Over the past two decades I have been working in textile design and home styling. After my graduation I was employed by the British firm "Paint Magic "as a tutor of architects and decorators in  the techniques of special paintworks. Later I formed my own studio where I created unique collections of beddings, fabrics and merchandise for adults and children's rooms. In addition I designed various products such as kids tent games, mezuzahs, children's game boxes, textile packages for birthday parties and more. In my vision the right choice of details and elements that "dress" the space correctly is what transforms a premises into a home. This dressing of the home creates the atmosphere and ambiance that we seek and eventually we arrive with our customers To results that enable them to feel that this is their special place in the world.

Julie Erell

M.A. in Art Therapy, and graduate of the Tel Aviv University Theater Group. As an actress and psychodrama therapist I honed my skills on the ability to identify the needs of the person facing me, putting myself in his place, and giving him the tools to understand and be able to express himself. I introduced these abilities and tools to the world of design.  I believe that the home, in our conscious or unconscious also reflects the inside of the individual.  The rooms of the home are like the chambers of the heart.  As a designer, I am required to show the same sensitivity and ability to identify needs and desires - both those which are clearly stated and those which are not.I have always found myself, together with my career as an actress and therapist, being required to design and fill open spaces for friends and relatives, to the point where it has become my main business activity.  Over the years I have come to understand that interior design is much more than being occupied with the material, and it affects and derives from the nature of the individual, and relationships and opposing forces that operate within the individual. 

Who we are

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